Making The World  A Better Place Foundation Welcomes You

Children need to Feel

Protected, Safe

and Loved.

Dr. Vincent Felitti, a highly respected physician, formerly with the CDC has done a landmark study of 18,000 adults called the Adverse Childhood Experience Study (ACE study). Dr. Felitti discovered that early trauma can leave emotional scars for children that may stay with them permanenttly

and cause life-long problems unless the trauma is healed.

Depending on how it is handled, divorce can be one major cause of this trauma. Additional research by brain scientists also concludes that early trauma can negatively affect the brain depending upon the length, severity and ccause of the trauma.  Therefore, it is beneficial and wise for parents to prevent or reduce when possible, the potential long-term effects of emotional scars of divorce.  To accomplish this, our foundation is producing a Film that will help both parents and their children.

The Place of Refuge: Calming the Storm of Divorce, a Documentary, was filmed in part at the place of refuge, in Kona, Hawaii close to where the dolphins play. Hawaii is like the soul of America…it’s a “state” of mind, a good place, a place thought of as a paradise. The Place of Refuge is also a metaphor for

an inner place of peace, healing and forgiveness.

What are the long-term emotional affects of divorce-related trauma?  Inappropriate behaviors which could include the use of alcohol and drugs, teen age suicide, juvenile delinquency, sexual promiscuity, weight management problems and the inability to form loving, long lasting relationships. With the viewing of the film, parents will become aware of these potential scars and can become aware that there are skills they can learn to protect their children during and after their divorce. 

Vital skills will be introduced by the film, The Place of Refuge: Calming the Storm of Divorce and the follow up curriculum that is being developed by the non-profit organization, Making the World a Better Place Foundation will teach parents a combination of Ancient Hawaiian traditions that have been protective of children for many years, combined with the latest  brain research findings; all  which help prevent life-long emotional scarring of children.

Once the film has been released for broadcast by PBS stations, divorcing parents will be able to learn these skills at locations called Places of Refuge across the United States. They will be recommended to the class by divorce courts and judges, so that parents will benefit from the knowledge they gain, by being better able  to protect their children as well as future generations from the emotional scars of divorce.  

The Place of Refuge: Calming the Storm of Divorce offers the latest help available for parents so that they can better protect their children. Helping both children and parents find a way through the hurtful, and often life-long traumatic experience of divorce, less scarred, is absolutely imperative.

This is the message of the Film Documentary and our Primary goal.  Join us to create a difference in the lives of children and parents everywhere !

Making the World a Better Place Foundation, has created a very special documentary because children in the shadows of divorce are struggling and desperately need our help … our support … our compassion … and our attention!

I am Mimi Lupin, one of the producers of this Documentary. I know about these scars as I was a child of divorce during the 1940s when divorce was rarely mentioned and often spoken about in hushed tones. At that time, society viewed divorce as a stigma.

Parents had no idea of the impact that divorce could make on their children. As a result, it was regarded as a family secret, never to be revealed to anyone outside the family.

Now over fifty percent of children in the classroom have divorcing or separated parents. But children’s hearts are still hurting. Although it is no longer a stigma, it is still a very difficult and painful experience for parents and their children.

Both their psyches are wounded. Long-term emotional scars are often the consequences and create negative behaviors of all kinds for both children and parents. The pain has never decreased for children because most parents don’t fully understand the impact their divorce has upon them. 

Parents usually don’t have the skills necessary to make sure children feel safe, protected and loved.  But they can learn how to make this a much less traumatic experience for them if they have the skills and know how.

Our goal is to show what can take place during this difficult time in the life of both children and their parents to avoid much of the trauma felt by both.